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Scalia and Breyer debate

You can watch the video here and read Dahia Litwick’s account here. Here’s a taste of what Litwick can write when she’s not trying out for a place in the WaPo’s Style section:

Breyer says that if the only thing that matters is historical truths from the time of the Constitution, "we should have nine historians on the court." Scalia says, "It’s not my burden to prove originalism is perfect. It’s just my burden to prove it’s better than anything else." He adds that a court of nine historians sounds better than a court of nine ethicists.

Hat tip: SDP’s Ken Blanchard.

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Good debate, worth checking out.

Say, I just noticed that if one does a "find in this page" search for the word "Iraq" on the NLT homepage (where all of the recent blog-posts are listed in chron. order), the sole appearance of the word Iraq is in the left column: "Photos from Robert Alt in Iraq".

Will you guys ever talk about Iraq again? I’ve heard that George W. Bush has made mention of it once or twice lately, and something about a report... And at least as important, will Alt be submitting new photos from Iraq?

I would prefer 9 lawyer/historians over 9 pundit/pollsters.

I’d prefer nine jurists with a copy of the Constitution in front of them.

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