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Attention DC Conservatives! Here’s Your Opportunity to Hear and Have a Beer with Brownback

...courtesy of Cindy Searcy and ISI.

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Brownback is not a serious conservative. He’s a bleeding-heart who will just drift further to the left. Unless he starts catching on in the primary campaign, which I don’t think he will.

True Right, Please drop by and let him know. And he’s still quite an engaging speaker, not to mention a smart and serious guy.

You mean like Bush? Guliani? McCain? Romney?

Kinda running out of candidates here aint we?

I have not attributed my loyalties to anyone yet, however I am, these days, running pretty thin of negative platitudes... Uh, would that be negatudes?

Yes, we’re running out of candidates. No one (like Hunter, who is a real conservative, or Brownback, who I believe is not realiably conservative) will break from obscurity into major status. That means Gingrich is our only hope for a seriously conservative campaign. And he’s not likely to run.

McCain is lousy for the same reason I think Brownback is: he goes along with the liberals too often, he seems to be manipulated by them, and we never know what he’ll say next. I prefer someone who honestly disagrees with us but isn’t manipulated by the liberal establishment, like Rudy. Or even someone who appears to be manipulating Republican (and other) voters, like Romney. The last thing we need is someone who will turn into a tool of the liberals.

excuse me. Pray tell, where can one find a conservative residing in DC?

Hello. Ron Paul is running who is right on every issue (just about).

Tancredo is running who is wrong on interventionism but right on immigration.

Brownback is all wrong on immigration. If someone goes, please grill him about that issue.

Newt seems to me to have never met a Middle Eastern country other than Israel that he doesn’t want to invade. And his suggestions to suppress free speech and the internet are doing the bidding of big government who doesn’t want any critics. Newt is a "conservative" of the nationalist and federalist variety. Hence his recent reverence for Lincoln. Polishing up those neocon bona fides I guess.

Newt is a conservative neocon at best. I do think he is more critical of big government than say Kristol or Brooks, but he ain’t no Ron Paul.

If there is a conservative residing in DC (I’m not sure), you could certainly meet him or her by "networking" at this event.

Dan, "ain’t no Ron Paul gonna get elected." And anyway, he’s nuts.

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