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Kate Pitrone reflects on reading aloud to her boys. A fine piece writing on hearing.  

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Good work, Kate!

Keep writing, Kate!

You two are, in my opinion, much too measured. This is a truly wonderful essay, full of life and thought and love.

Absolutely marvelous. maya we have more of similar thinking.

Thank you, all.


Is it too early for me to read aloud tales of Richard Sharpe and Patrick Harper to the boy??

I’m fishing for an excuse to put down O’Brian and pick up Cornwell again.

Thanks for being an example to O and me.

CPT Naum, My dear, how happy I am to see you on here.

Maybe I. would like you to read the battle scenes? Try the section on the battle of Trafalgar in Cornwell. He did a beautiful job there. For you, have you considered reading both series in a chronological conjunction? Switch from land to sea through the Napoleonic era?

I. gets frightened in the movie Carswhen the "scary combine" chases Lightning and Mater. Combined (no pun intended) with his vivid imagination (e.g., "Jesus better get down off of the cross because a train is coming"), I am afraid of what Sharpe’s sabre and Harpers fists (and let’s not forget Sharpe’s libido) might do to the lad. He’s a sweet boy, and not yet the warrior I aspire him to be. Though maybe reading Cornwell and O’Brian is the first step in getting him to seek an appointment to West Point (or Annapolis) ...

I actually have considered reading both series in chronological juxtaposition - but as I am not yet half-way through Aubrey/Maturin, it is hard to tell exactly where I am in relation to the defeat of Bonaparte. Besides, much of Aubrey/Maturin appears to be headed to the Western Hemisphere - and they completely missed out on Trafalgar (which I find to be an absolute credit to the author; for any tired old, unoriginal fictional British sea captain would naturally have fought there). Wouldn’t it be fun, though, to imagine Sharpe and Aubrey fighting on the same ship, or against the same French man-of-war (I love that oxymoron)? I don’t suppose Jack or Stephen finds their way to Waterloo?

By the way, I used to frequent NoLeftTurns, but grew weary of fighting enemies both here and overseas. I still read the posts on occassion, but have found no compelling reason to interject (though my face appears to be a permanent fixture of the website, thanks to Mr. Alt!) I will certainly stop in more often, as I see that you now inhabit this space.

It is always good to hear from you.

Thank you for letting us peer into your family’s reading traditions; I love it. When our little I says words like "grimey" and "gorge" over and over again to himself, chuckling, I know that reading to him is essential to his happiness. He needs words and ideas and jumping-off places for his imagination. I am encouraged by your article. Love, O

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