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Jimmy Carter’s troubles

"Fourteen members of a Carter Center advisory board, who worked to build support for the human rights organization started by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, have resigned in protest over Carter’s latest book."

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The 14 members of the 200-member board said the book "portrays the conflict between Israel and her neighbors as a purely one-sided affair with Israel holding all the responsibility for resolving the conflict."

Steve Berman, an Atlanta real estate developer among those who resigned, said members were concerned by the book’s "one-sided approach" and then "watched with great dismay" as Carter defended it in comments to the press, especially as he implied that Americans might be afraid to discuss the conflict in fear of a powerful Jewish lobby.

Berman said the religious affiliation of the resigning members, which include some prominent Jewish leaders in the Atlanta area, didn’t influence their decision.

This is just huge.

Why would you resign your position on a board? For 14 people to repudiate Jimmy "Pig" Carter is just huge.

Here’s more from the Atlanta paper.

Resign with a 7% disapproval rating? Bush has what? 70% disapproval?

I haven’t read the book, nor will I (I won’t put a nickel in Jimmy Carter’s pocket). However, if it does lay blame for the Jewish/Arab conflict only on Israel, that’s a real distortion of the actual history. The Jews accepted partition at the very beginning, but the Arabs rejected it and started an insurgency. All along, it has been the Arab world that has refused to compromise, and even when they pretend to, it’s almost always their side that breaks the truce.

I do not see how Jimmy Carter’s position in this book is seen as some sort of departure. He always seemed to give more credence to the Palestinians than to the Jews, even when president. I haven’t read the book and take dain’s position on that, but I admit to curiosity. He must just be very explicit about something that was merely implicit, before.

Jimmy is a traitor who should have been lined up against a wall and given his last cigarette many years ago (after a fair court-martial, of course)

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