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The new seriousness

Given the title, I had to read Peggy Noonan’s column. If Chuck Hagel and John Kerry are exemplars of "the new seriousness," we have a long way to go. I’m not yet convinced that Hagel’s is anything other than the posture of seriousness.

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Serious? Are you kidding me?

A "serious" approach to the dangers this country faces, as revealed on 9/11/2001, is quite the opposite exhibited by the Hegels and Kerrys. These self-absorbed leaders are completely misguided, and full of the kind of folly that leads directly to quagmire if not massive destruction. I am so sick and tired of dolts like these two who seem bent of living in the past. Neither Iraq nor the WOT conflict can be compared to either the glorious four-year adventure of WW II or the 10-year mess in Vietnam. And only a bird-brain would try to fight it or surrender as if it were.

I may not live to see history vindicate Bush over these morons, but I can predict with certain confidence that it will. Kerry and Hegel are headed straight for the same trash can containing the carcass of George McClellan.

Noonan never was much of an analyst, but I used to derive some comfort from her spiritual overview of America divided. Lately she seems to have driven right off the edge. I hope she can find her way back.

Arghh ... you made me read another Peggy Noonan piece. I swore I’d avoid her like rabies, and ... ouch.

Peggy Noonan is the Blanche Dubois of puditry. She is a walking advertisement for the archtype of the blathering, ninnying female.

Can you imagine the pain of being related to Peggy Noonan and not being able to avoid her?

I heartily second all the negative comments made about Ms. Noonan on this thread. Her column praising Hagel is a scandal, as is the Senator.

I saw Ms. Noonan on the telly a few years ago, and when the mere name of Ronald Reagan was mentioned her response was instant. "Be still my beating heart," she gasped in adoration! No kidding. True story.

One has to wonder, is my memory of the conservative "great communicator" utterly out of whack, or was Reagan in reality a somewhat tough-guy version Governor Moonbeam?

If we’ve lost Peggy Noonan, we’ve lost the country

of Switzerland, where her other new hero, John Kerry, called the US a "pariah nation".

They call, the windy, "Pariah!"

I was an intern in DC for a small right-wing outfit in the summer of 1988, and I didn’t hear a lot of nice things said about Reagan during the time I was there. The consensus seemed to be that Reagan was great during his first term, but went wobbly during the second.

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