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Powerline on D’Souza

Scott Johnson reviews Dinesh D’Souza’s new attempt to be provocative; this attempt may have forced him over the brink, in my opinion. Johnson doesn’t think highly of it, either. Note that the Powerline guys have a new blog at AOL.

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I have not read the book. Having said that, the premise as I understand it is not that far-fetched. A great many people in America dislike cultural leftism. I don’t know why it’s so shocking to suggest that people abroad dislike it as much or more, and that they are prepared to act on their beliefs.

I think that D’Souza has lost his nerve. He’s in a panic, and he’s thrashing about for allies, but there aren’t really any to be found. So in his desperation, he actually reaches out to our enemies, to the enemies we were destined to have.

The Declaration of Independence was a declaration of war against the empire of shariaa. It’s really that simple. We can’t live out our fundamental creed without being at war with the fundamental creed of islam, which is a hostile political creed.

Way back, St. Thomas Aquinas said that islam was a political creed. EVERYTHING that has happened in islam ever since has done NOTHING but validate that assessment. That’s why it hasn’t undergone any change, any divine reformation. Because there’s nothing of the Holy Spirit about it.

In the Catholic Church, every time a problem arose, an answer to that rose within the Church. When the Church became too worldly, the Franciscans were born. When the Church needed doctrinal argument against various heresies, the Dominicans were born. When the Church stayed too long at Avignon, St. Catherine of Siena was the answer.

But there’s been NO answer within islam to the creed of the corsair, jihad. NOTHING.

And we all know why....... though we would like to think otherwise.

I wouldn’t say Islam as such; I’d say certain radical Islamist ideas. In some circles, this counts as naive, I know. But such circles need to read and think.

We know there ARE moderate muslims. But it’s safe to say there isn’t any moderate islam.

The ideas seem "radical" to us because they are viewed through a 2,000 year old Western prism. But there’s no such thing as a "radical" per se, in islam. Because the issue isn’t one of "radical" or "non-radical." It’s rather orthodox, unorthodox. If you are a muslim, and if you take islam seriously, then you have to take jihad seriously. And that means violent propagation of the faith.

This understanding I didn’t have prior to 9/11. I too subscribed to the radical narrative. But I’ve read too much since then, and I can’t pretend to or affect an ignorance of these matters.

It’s just like our description of the war with the "Barbary Pirates." Those weren’t "pirates," they were jihadists. They weren’t doing anything that islam hadn’t been doing since its inception. They took hostages, they practiced slaving and slave trading, they extorted ransom and tribute. They practiced razza, which translates as terror raiding. Do you know that over 15% of our federal budget PER ANNUM was used to pay muslim tribute? Beslan wasn’t an aberration of history, it was par for the muslim course. What they did to the Eastern Orthodox Church then, AND WHAT THEY CONTINUE to do to this very day is cultural and religious rape.

The Pope quoted a man who knew far more about islam then we’re ever likely to in his speech at Regensburg. That man asked what was it that mohammad introduced to man’s understanding of the divine, that man asked what was it that mohammad introduced that wasn’t barbaric, cruel and inhuman. And that question persuaded a muslim to reject that creed, and embrace Christianity. That was the point that the Pope was trying to make, that islam is intrinsically irrational, irrational in its beliefs, irrational in their understanding of God. The questions posed before the sack and rape of Constantinople must be posed today, for the answer is the same. There is no answer, other than more threats, more intimidation, more jihad.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...." Our foundational creed, based on the ability of man to perceive and live the truth, is fundamentally hostile to islam. Muslims may embrace our foundational creed, but islam can’t.

If you watch D’Souza’s debate with Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch, at CPAC, I think you’ll see that my insight into D’Souza’s motivation is pretty accurate.

He’s scared to death. His fear was literally palpable up on that stage. He was trying to share his sheer dread with the audience.

Dinesh, Dinesh..., you forgot something, something very important, "These colours don’t run" baby....!

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