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Bob Novak on Fred Thompson

Fred is surging; Rudy is declining; Romney’s supporters, suffering from buyer’s remorse, are switching. Finally the conservative void is being filled by a candidate conservatives actually like. I agree that these facts are for real. I’m less clear on how for real Law-and-Order Fred himself is. (Thanks to Ivan the K.)

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Would it be fair to say that the first front-runner in the Republican primary to sincerely pronounce the words "border security" and "assimilation" will win the primary in a walk? I know insurgent candidates have argued for this - I voted for one in a straw poll recently - but a pol without "elect-ability" issues picking up this hot button grass roots issue would have this in the bag, wouldn’t he? Does anyone know a sincere and fervent McCain devotee or Guliani backer, or does everyone you know "settle" and make do? I am not arguing Thompson is perfect - I am not committed to him, but I am asking a strategic question.

wm hit the nail on the head.

Most of the suppoters for the other top candidates are not what one would call "excited" supporters. Yet this Fred Thompson thing has the air of excitement about it.

One national pundit (I forget who it was) suggested that folks like Newt announce now or get out of the way in order to allow the conservative field to take shape. As one who several months ago was somewhat excited about Newt’s prospects, I would have to concur.

Newt... Time to get in or out and allow the conservatives in the Republican party begin to find a home.

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