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Giuliani Urges Bush to Negotiate with Congress

...over its withdrawal resolution. But surely he couldn’t mean that the president could accept any timetable. He added that "abortion rights" are for the Court to decide, a view which is not a pillar of judicial restraint.

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Methinks Rudy has a deathwish. First the "public money for abortion is just fine," and now this. I like him, and sticking to his guns is admirable, but there’s a reason you don’t spit into the wind.

I thought the whole deal with Rudy was that Conservatives may not like everything about him, but by golly he’d hang tough on the war on terror. Geesh

Hey, dain, we agree on some things, like this, other ... ahem ... threads notwithstanding.

I have no idea why eveyone seems to think Giuliani would be a super-hawk on the war. He has said nothing at all that would lead people to this conclusion. Wishful thinking seems rampant in the GOP.

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