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Has Homeland Security Gone too Far?

I’m for fighting the War on Terror, but there’s no call for what the Bureau of Homeland Security has done now. They’ve apparently collected a database of all of our drivers’ licenses, including photographs. Fortunately, it’s possible to opt out of the system. Visit this site and search for your license using your name, city, and state, then click the box marked "Please Remove."

This has been a public service announcement from your friends at No Left Turns. Thank you.

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I don't necessarily disagree with you, John, but why does this bother you, exactly?

I think my objections will become clearer once you visit the site, dain.

What's going on, here? I punched in my name, and a picture of Moser came up!

Pretty funny.

Thank you. This was as valuable and effective as the "Do not call" list.

Oh, big is to laugh.

As for the "Do Not Call Registry," that works well (at least at my house). I love it. did Moser's picture get on my license too?

Moser must be a very formidable simian indeed.

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