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McCain announced his official entry into the ’08 race today (yawn) as I heard while driving the kids to school this morning. But before I could fall asleep at the wheel while hearing this unprecedented and totally unexpected news, I was delighted to see this bumper sticker. Of course, the bumper sticker was competing for attention with a WWF sticker and the usual unimaginative "Impeach Bush" sticker. But Republicans for Voldemort is a new one . . . and I have to say there’s something that I like about it. You’ve got to hold a special place in your heart for opposition with that much moxy. I think I might just put one on my car for ironic effect.

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There's no way I'd vote for John "Amnesty" McCain. I'd vote third party, Constitution Party.

The question, Real Conservative, is how you feel about Voldemort. I hear he's tough on immigration, and has protectionist tendencies as well.

I'd never support "Mugglehead" Voldemort. He supports the Antarean invasion of earth.

I had to look up Voldemort. I guess the kids are too old and the grandkids are too young, and I should get out more.

Am I the only one who is brave enough to bring up Voldemort's history of murder and attempted murder? What is this, another Chappaquiddick?

I still want to see Voldemort's poll numbers. If he can beat Hillary, I may vote for him...

I don't really get the joke. I googled Voldemort--is this a Harry Potter thing or is there more to it?

Jeez... isn't having Rove enough for you guys?

piker62, haven't you noticed the lightning-bolt shaped scar on Rove's forehead???

Oh man... I thought that was ketchup!

Maybe it was that great speech he gave on Iraq, maybe it's that Lowry article on Romney in NR, but this Romney-ite is starting to lean more and more McCain. Yeah, he's no good on immigration...yeah, he's a little wacky/shifty at heart. But isn't he at least presidential? At least seriously experienced? And I truly fail to see why Thompson's better. Somebody set me straight...

No, I'm not up w/ the details of Antarean policy, but that Voldemort bumpersticker is deliciously ironic.

Truth be told, I do worry more than a "little" about McCain's personality. The sort of guy that I sometimes think might get us in a war for little reason at all, or the sort of guy I more than sometimes think could sell conservatives down the river.

Carl, I agree about the Thompson fervor. I would be more than happy to support any of the big three (McCain, Romney, Giuliani), but I've never understood Thompson's appeal.

Wouldn't "Republicans for Voldemort" indicate that Voldemort is of another political party? I mean, you don't see "Republicans for Bush" -- you just see the giant "W." You might, however, see "Republicans for Kerry" -- which would mean something like "Hey, I'm a Republican, but I'm supporting Kerry."

So, it seems to me that "Republicans for Voldemort" is funny, but it it is even funnier that the person put it with anti-republican bumper stickers, because (ostensibly), it would be the rare group of Republicans who would support the other candidate voldemort. So the irony is that it identifies V-mort (the evil snakey murderer) as something that a Republican wouldn't usually support... In fact, it would seem to identify him as a democrat.
That's all.

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