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Here’s an unexpected and instructive comparison of a huge and resource guzzling mansion in Nashville, Tennessee and a modest and eco-friendly home in Crawford, Texas.

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I don’t take comfort in GW’s home. I would much more appreciate it if he had two or three Humvees. This tells me he privately takes seriously all of this nonsense about global warming. Which explains his latest pathetic energy proposals.

So...What kind of house did Lincoln live in? Anyone ever been to one of the many "Lincoln boyhood homes" scattered through Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky? I bet they were wood fired...very eco-unfriendly...If the war against the south was (to use Mr. Moser’s words) the only "reasonable" thing to do, does this mean that war is eco-friendly?....;)

This, of course, can only be explained as just another part of his life-consuming, agency-defining fake cowboy act. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but when Dad gets burrs in his Brooks Brothers socks and makes That Face, it’s all worth it. Brooks Brothers makes socks, right?

Christopher, why is it not possible to keep to the topic at hand? This blog is intended to generate respectful, reasonable, and fruitful discussion. Your posts accomplish none of these things. I wonder if the administrators of the blog have the capacity to block certain people from commenting. If so, I recommend that you be permanently removed.

Mr. Colman,

My post was tongue in cheek, thus the (usually) universally recognized ";)" at the end.

How much energy does Bush’s place use? I balked at the comparison of Gore’s place to the average American home (which is much smaller) but this strikes me as a fair comparison.

Can someone please explain to me how there is "virtue" to be found in consuming "less" energy?

If such virtue is to be found anywhere, it would be found in us constructing an energy infrastructure for places like Chile, the Philippines, India, complete with clean burning coal generators and coal to oil facilities.

I reject completely the idea that purchasing a car using less gasoline is "virtuous."

It makes about as much sense as suggesting that all humans should constantly walk, lest by running, sprinting and or exercising, they "consume" more oxygen than they ordinarily would. Thus by "hogging" all of the oxygen, they’re "depriving" other "less developed" humans because of their "consumption."

We don’t have an energy consumption problem, we have an energy production and distribution problem.

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