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Another commencement address

This one, by Leon Kass at St. John’s College, Annapolis. It is very much worth reading as it canvasses our biotechnological challenges in a manner that Johnnies would find congenial.    

Hat tip: Our friend, RC2.

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Leon Kass is a neocon wackjob, and a radical left-winger. A friend from U of C Social Thought told me how Kass would always brag about his left-wing bonae fides. All these neocon Straussians are the same. They use Western Civ. as a backdrop over which they superimpose left-wing Jacobin universalist abstractions. In short, they are committing "soft terrorism" against the West.

You describe a Leon Kass and Leo Strauss that I don't in the least recognize. Try easing up on the hyperbole and providing some actual evidence that you've read and understood what you're writing about.

Real Conservative, please read Kass's The Hungry Soul, or his book-length commentary on Genesis, then get back with us. Your characterization is so wide of the mark that you have to be pitied rather than anything else. Before you respond to this post, please read either one of the aforementioned works. Good reading!

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