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EPPC abortion poll

Some might call this a push poll, but the results suggest that a sustained campaign of public education could move public opinion in a direction of which pro-life folks would approve. The question is how you get people’s attention focused on what "choice" means to pro-choice folks. In that connection, it’s worth reconsidering this NYT article.

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You have to wonder at the fact that no pro-life Republican candidate ever educates the public on this question. Or pro-choice Republican for that matter.

Maybe "choice" is a personal phenomenon to such an extreme that it can never be integrated so deeply into a poll so as to create some kind of mass definition. It seems contradictory to even suggest that "choice" (being inherently personal) could mean anything at all to a group of "pro-choice folks."

2: Say what?

Thanks for posting, Joe. If this sort of thing keeps up we might begin to have a debate toward the center where I think ordinary people - neither pro-choice nor pro-life, as those labels have come to be used - find themselves.

David -

Choice can't be defined en masse because it's such a personal thing. :-D

Steve, what is the not pro-life, not pro-choice stand?

Kate - I meant, the space occupied by those who can be content with neither abortion at any time for any reason is murder and therefore always legally and morally impermissible nor abortion is like a tooth-extraction: nobody's business but the pregnant woman's.

Steve, it is a space, not a stand. No wonder I never hear it clearly articulated. But I know you are right that most people's views on the topic fall somewhere, and perhaps uncertainly, between those two extremes.

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