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Liberal education seminar update

I’ve got a brief post on my seminar experiences at Knippenblog. Comments, thoughts, and prayers are welcome.

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Well, it seems that they will say that "your" view of liberal education, is merely your view, with no greater weight than any other view, since there is no ends that can be universally agreed upon. But, in practice, one suspects that they run their classes, not on a preference basis, but take Thrasymachus' view of politics and power, since they would argue that they can only deal with man as we find him, as opposed to looking for first causes, and through that, some natural ends for man's mind and soul. I would guess that they all hold certain beliefs to be true to them and they operate from these. You could then have some fun with trying to show how, while some would claim they are atheists, that they really are very far from it. I am thinking of Harry Neumann's contention of what it really means to be an atheist and a true nihilist. Of course, if you really push them, they will either get angry or it will go over their head. Is is so fun to deal with people that think they are very smart, only to find that they dont know much at all and cant extend their views or discipline beyond themselves. Have fun!

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