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The Real Threat on Our Borders

Forget Mexifornia . . . for a minute anyway. The real threat or--to be more precise--the more imminent threat, is that posed by the kind of illegal immigration discussed in this series of articles by Todd Bensman in the San Antonio Express News. It is a four-part series--all of it enlightening and frightening. It should be referenced whenever confronting any senator or congressman who thinks building the fence is just "window dressing."

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Bensman yesterday on his program and the links to the rest of the series are within the link to him above. You can read the transcript of the interview here.

Hewitt only heard about the series because a listener in San Antonio emailed him the link. He was immediately intrigued and broadcast the interview yesterday. Today, I am sure, it will be picked up by bloggers all over the place. Isn’t it an amazing world we live in?

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This administration refuses, pointblank refuses to make rational distinctions between muslim and non-muslim immigration. Bush is lost in some ahistorical fantasy. He's pretending that there are Jeffersonians to be found in islam. And now he's pretending that this country can absorb over fifty million people in the next five years or so, without it altering the fabric of the nation.

You would think his first effort at social experimentation on a grand and cosmic scale would leave him a bit gun-shy. But no. This is what ya' get when you have a President who reads superficial, politically-correct views on islam, and then deludes himself that he has a unique insight into the cosmology of islam.

I read elsewhere that the administration plans on accepting millions of Iraqis in event that a bloodbath ensues. Such provision undercuts the pacification efforts in Iraq. If a backdoor is available, Iraqis are not going to rally to and defend the new government as much as they should. They are not going to police their own neighborhoods as they should, they aren't going to provide the tips that are so necessary for pacification. In short, they're not going to take any chances. They'll be spectators of the fight, instead of picking the side of the government.

The Iraqis must be made to understand that the boats were burned behind them, and that they have no other option but to prevail.

Yes, I think he'll try to import these Iraqis, but I don't think our people will tolerate it. I sense a corner has been turned on this's clearly on the radar screen. The days of backroom deals are numbered.

I don't think our people will tolerate it. I sense a corner has been turned on this debate...

I don't see that. It looks like this bill will pass and it will be business as usual in DC. The Senators have their minds made up. The rest of us don't get a say.

You may well be right; as I said, I sense it, but I don't know if for a fact.

I do know that, for millions of Americans who have maintained some minimal faith in "the system," this might be the deal-breaker. I know it will be for me. As Rome (and innumerable states since) have proven, when people lose that basic sense of collective identity, the machinery of the state begins to falter.

Yea, I know, completely preposterous...never happen in the good ol' USA. But I think we might surprise ourselves.

You'll have seen this?
There is some small hope.

Yes, Kate, there are still a few sensible patriots in the Congress, but enough to save the country? We'll see.

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