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William Shawcross and Peter Rodman, together now after disagreeing in the 70s, argue, in the NYT of all places, that a withdrawal from Iraq would be disastrous for the Iraqi people, as well as for U.S. friends and interests in the region and around the world. Someone should ask Senators Clinton and Obama, and ex-Senator Edwards what they think of this argument.

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Good for Shawcross, good for the times.

Good for Shawcross. As for the Democratic candidates, since most of their constituents give no thought whatsoever to inconvenient viewpoints, why do they need to?

This really cannot be said too much and is very well said in that editorial. As to the Democratic candidates, if one of them gets into office he will want to look to consequences.

I doubt that a Democratic president will "want to look to consequences" of an Iraq pullout when in office. It's possible that she or he might be "forced to look to consequences."
Can we stop giving these people more credit than they deserve?

Today's soundbite politics eschews consequences, be they long term or short term, it is all about the here and now.

/sarcasm on/

How ... well ... enlightened we now are politically.

/sarcasm off/

Seriously, these people can't be such total fatheads as not to consider the consequences so neatly spelled out in that article. There was nothing new in that for me as it has been my only really good pro-war argument, with myself or anyone else, and what the heck do I know? It was very nice to see that argument spelled out by men who might seriously be presumed to know a thing or two about the matter. I might have to carry a copy of the article around in purse pocket with my portable copy of the Constitution.

Yes, whoever wins the election will be forced to look to consequences even if Democrats think the war can be ended as easily and with as little consequence as a TV show they find annoying.

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