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Democratic leadership (?) in the Senate

I can’t resist a little partisan dig at Harry Reid, who wants GWB to lead the Senate for him on immigration:

Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said that if a second vote fails, ``the bill’s gone.’’ He added, ``What else can I do?’’

Reid appealed to Bush to twist the arms of 47 Republicans who voted against limiting debate, saying the legislation’s demise would produce headlines that ``the president fails again.’’

``It’s his bill, it’s not our bill,’’ Reid told reporters after the vote. ``It can’t pass unless we get significant Republican support.’’

My headline would be: "Harry Reid can’t lead."

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Update: I’m not sure whether it’s headed to the morgue or just to the hospice, but, for now, comprehensive immigration reform is off the agenda, with its supporters falling fifteen votes short of imposing cloture. Here’s the roll call.

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The battle was grueling, hard-fought, and called for constancy and grit.

And the Conservatives of this great land demonstrated that they were more than equal to the challenge.

This would have been the most far-reaching legislation of our lifetimes. And we killed it.

We demonstrated that we still had what it took to exercise effective oversight of the legislative process. And all of the veils and the curtains draped around this legislation, to prevent the American people scrutinizing this bill, we saw through, we peered through, we refused to allow ourselves to be placated by platitudes, we refused to allow ourselves to be mollified by falsehoods, we refused to be intimidated by accusations and attacks.

The defeat of this bill is one of the greatest legislative accomplishments that I'll probably ever live to see.

And men like Jeff Sessions, and a few others in the United States Senate, deserve our deep and reverent thanks for the character they displayed. How fitting that this victory should come on the anniversary of Operation Overlord. How seemly and fitting.

At least for now, I think it's done.

As the Presidential campaign proceeds, the parties will be increasingly reluctant to revisit such a contentious issue. Although President Bush will be strongly desirous of seeing them do so.

All along, the President and his advisers demonstrated themselves to be completely unconcerned about the many obnoxious provisions of this bill. All they were concerned about was keeping the bill "moving forward." I think I read that over at John Hawkins site, who related the conversation he had with a Senate staffer in the know.

But the President and Rove will be eager to return to this deal. And Conservatives will have to keep a sharp eye on the both of them. On this issue, as sadly, on many another, those two men can't be trusted.

But one thing should be observed, over at National Review Online, they don't seem to be celebrating the destruction of the bill tonight. Maybe tomorrow they'll be celebratory. But for now, it seems they're being very wary about pronouncing the bill "dead."

At long last, they've acquired a feel for this Presidency, which leaves them very suspicious and very cautious.

The question now is ...

Do we deport or do we keep that the status quo, that is, illegal, but legal at the same time?

There's no particular reason why we should codify the situation of the illegals. We've lived with the situation for years, we can live with it a few more. The President is demanding that we codify his refusal to implement existing immigration law. That's what he's doing.

He's allowed millions to come in, then he uses that problem, which he created, as a basis to get what he wants, this comprehensive give away.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll be damned before I sign off on such a policy, such a codification, such a capitulation.

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