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Pain in the Neck

A whale that is more than 130 years old was caught off the coast of Alaska and discovered to have been carrying around a weapon fragment from a whaling hunt that probably occurred more than 100 years ago. Look at the thing that was embedded in this whale’s neck and imagine swimming around with it for more than 100 years . . . ouch! No big point here . . . I just thought it was cool.

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It's amazing how long some animals can live, even with man-made creations embedded in them!

In the spirit of pointless but cool (and amusing) news, I quite enjoy this little story about President Bush's vanishing watch.

I didn't know that whales had necks.

How long are we going to tolerate this language: "No big point. "Pointless?" Must I "point" out the obvious?


" I didn't know that whales had necks."

Yes, there was a famous athlete whale, years ago, named "No-neck Whaliams."

Do the math

49-foot whale, 3.5 inch fragment. For a 6-foot human, that would be equivalent to a fragment about four-tenths of an inch long. Many a war veteran has carried around bigger scrap metal than that. What's the big deal?

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