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I recently sent a letter to the many friends associated with the Ashbrook Center.

If you are one of the many who graciously responded, I thank you again.

If you received the letter but have not yet had an opportunity to respond, I ask you to please consider my important request before June 30.

If you have not received the letter, then please read it through and show your support of the serious work we are doing here at the Ashbrook Center to teach Americans.

If you believe as I do that a proper civic education for citizens is crucial to the continued success of the American venture, then I hope you will consider giving a tax-deductible gift. You can give online at

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I give what I can and wish I could do more. The programs of the Ashbrook Center really are wonderful. They do so much with what they have and if they had more, they could do even more.

I have been attending the Center's lectures for years, hearing Clarence Thomas, Ed Meese and others; look at the audio archive as it is amazing who has spoken at this little college in the heart of Ohio. Currently, I am one of the students in the Master of American History and Government program. I entered that through attendance in the Social Studies Teachers Seminars. I am local, but I meet participating teacher/students from all over the country and from all political persuasions. This is a challenging program, intense and interesting. The lecturers are always amazingly good; I have not had a bad class, yet. They fill in holes in my education, answer my questions, even let me argue and help me learn to think about history and politics. How many educators have they helped as they help me?

I love to go and will be back there soon for this summer's courses. Everything that I know of this place is good. I hope everyone who reads NLT will contribute.

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