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What Happens When PC Turns in on Itself

Is it just me, or does this all sound like a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"? Do gays trump blacks? I don’t know if racism really got him fired, but Isaiah Washington is right about one thing: he ought not to have apologized in the obsequious way he did. And he’s right about another: if anything will help him now, it’s pulling this card.

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I think it's not too difficult to take a thoughtful guess at who wins PC contests between "gays" and racial minorities. Some consolation prize might be effected for Mr. W., but today the former win almost every time, especially among the elites such as Hollywood.

Similarly in Dem. Party circles, being pro-gay and pro-abortion is PC, but it is becoming clear that as between the two of them -- if something has to be given up, it's abortion. Notice how much more apologetic and mealymouthed Dems. such as Sen. Clinton have become about abortion ("safe, legal, and RARE") but there's no equivalent on the pro-gay side which remains, so to say, manfully aggressive.

So rock, scissors, paper isn't quite right: it's -- in reverse order: race, feminism, homosexuality and the latter triumphs every time with the elite PC crowd.

It's worth meditating on the ultimate meaning of this ranking of PC concerns for what it says about the elites' understanding of family, America, and God.

Right now, gays trump blacks. No question about that. I think gays trump pretty much every minority victim group at the moment.

It used to be that "anti-Semitism" would bring down the wratch of the PC police, but no longer. Jews rank well below gays and blacks. But still above whites. White conservative Christians define the lower end of the spectrum.

Cynical? Not one bit. That's reality in our day and age.

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