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The Libertarian Libido Forelash described by Mr. Postmodern Conservative on the "ongoing review of politics and culture" THE AMERICAN SCENE, which features an impressive array of ambitious and talented young bloggers. A good way to make a name for yourself is to pick out one trend among many and exaggerate its effects. Not that there’s all that much wrong with that: There’s a reason why neon lights worked so well for so long.

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This seems just like the new left/ bohemian libido forelash of the 60's. My fraternity students have better and more honest excuses for delaying the onset of real manliness.

I agree that almost all portrayals and justifications of the life of what a Whit Stillman character called the "Urban Haute Bourgeoisie" is really about a dearth of manliness or doing what it takes to achieve authentic personal significance. The UHB is certainly less classy than it used to be, though--more bourgeoisie and less haute. It's also less erotic, however much it might take pride in its libido-centrism.

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