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Thompson’s Candid Approach

This Washington Post story on Fred Thompson’s seemingly unconventional approach to a campaign clearly seeks to poison the waters with an insinuation that Thompson might be just a little crazy. Notice the mention (twice) in the article of Thompson’s op-ed on the Virginia Tech shootings wherein Thompson notes that VT’s override of Virginia carry laws may have aggravated the situation in this case (i.e., no one could stop this guy). This was followed closely by speculation that such candid talk might cost Thompson politically. Of course, I find such candid talk refreshing and I’m betting most Americans will agree. It stands in sharp contrast to the strained and measured cadences of a Hillary Clinton, for example. And--as we have seen--even among Democratic primary voters there is a developing distaste for her kind of holding back. Obama’s "naive" moment seems to have won him some points--at least in the short run primary season. It is arguable whether Thompson’s short run gains with Conservatives will translate into long term gains or pitfalls in a general election. A clever wag could make an argument that Thompson is putting his foot in his mouth in much the same way Obama is doing--but I wouldn’t buy it. Why? Because I think that will depend on whether the American people are more afraid of armed and law-abiding fellow citizens or armed and crazed dictators. I think I’m still pretty confident that the vast majority of the American electorate looks with stronger disfavor on the notion of a game of political grab a-- with Ahmadinejad than they do at the suggestion of a 45 pointed at the head of an armed gunman in a school.

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Political correctness is creating a widespread thirst for political authenticity.

Thompson however is playing a game. Now in another time, another place, Americans might have the patience for that game. But not right now. Not after GW's nightmarish tenure. Thompson fails to fully grasp how irritated, how livid the American people are, ESPECIALLY the base of the GOP.

I think Thompson is going to blow it. He's being too cute, he's cutting it too much to a nicety.

And his staff picks, fellas like Spencer Abraham, {who besides being something of a Card political clone, actually RESEMBLES Card physically}, his lobbying connections, it's difficult not to conclude we have another guy pretending to be a Reagan Conservative, when in reality he's anything but.

Thompson did support McCain/Feingold. That was telling.

Dan, you are correct, sir. Thompson seems to be playing a game, and the American people and the Republican base are damned tired of games. As for McCain/Feingold, I'll forgive it if Thompson repudiates it, or most of it. And maybe even if he doesn't. The appointment of Spencer Abraham is not a good sign. He was a one-term senator who lost to a hard-left union hack. Shouldn't have happened, even in Michigan. Abraham is also ideologically dubious. It's not too late for 'Ol Fred, but it's getting there. This relaxed good ol' boy act is too Bush-like, too 2000-like. This country is in too much danger, in every way, for candidates who sit on their rears and drawl.

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