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Progressive originalism?

It’s the 14th Amendment, baby.

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Alas, the ignorance that allows sincere liberals to think that W. is the threat to the constitution, when their leaders have been undermining it non-stop for 40 years! Read, oh sincere liberal, what it is your opinion leaders actually say about your constitution and "meaning." Consider the sorry state that "moderation" is in when articles such as this (just read the lead paragraph) count as it. By all means worry and stir yourselves about what the NSA or whoever MIGHT be doing, in postited correctable violation of the federal code and the search/seizure aspects of the Constitution, but do take some time and consider the ACTUAL, OPEN,FUNDAMENTAL, and really almost impossible to correct ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALISM of your own party and opinion leaders.

THAT should the conservative charge these days--rather than bothering with the tiresome footsie-playing that results from the charge of "unpatriotic," let's accuse the liberals of being "anti-constitutionalist." The charge will stick.

My charge is that the liberals who state that W is the new Hitler, of sorts, are not that sincere and know exactly what they are doing!

Reminder, Democrats were the ones who left the Union ... Democrats were the ones who chose to kept an entire race under legal chains.

So, what is happening now is not exactly out of character for the Democrat party.

Yes, and Republicans were the ones who forced the Fourteenth Amendment on the South at gunpoint. So enjoy it Dale. No bible class in public schools and anchor babies galore: is that your idea of good government?

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