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Is Heath Care a Winning Issue for Republicans?

According to one expert in winning, Karl Rove, it is. But only if the Republicans have a bold, market-based alternative to HillaryCare that addresses the legitimate criticisms of our present system. Opinion on this issue, in my view, is sliding in the Democratic direction, and mere "Be very afraid" criticism of Hillary will be ineffective.

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Romney's plan seems pretty promising but it might prove very difficult for him to criticize Hillary's approach after his own misadventures in universal coverage. The WSJ gives a nice overview of his plans for reform:

Peter, I think I agree with you that the Republican canidates should offer a market based plan, but what I find curious is that approach has been the largest criticism from the right of President Bush on such things as education, Social Security and Medicare perscription drugs. I think this is what "compasionate concervatism" is all about. For me I'm torn between standing on the principle of limited government, and probably losing, and blunting liberal take over of large portions of the prvate sector.

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