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This is rich

Or is it Frank? Leave it to a NYT columnist to be snide and simplistic.

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Well he is definately partisan in his analysis...but what he says is interesting and possibly true. I think it would mesh well with my observation that americans are polytheistic. The odd thing is that this line of almost makes me love Guiliani...and this isn't what Frank Rich wants. In fact when reading this I was thinking almost exclusively of Jay Nordlinger rambling essay that Dr. Schramm linked to. Frank Rich wants to proclaim the end of the Ayatollah's reign in America...fair enough I already agree...which means that there never were ayatollah's in america...but...this goes back to Jay Nordlinger's point about Obama attacking Hillary for using language that could justify an attack on Iran... hum... Frank Rich is scared of the neocons who aren't afraid to use terms like "islamofascism" to call a spade a spade or an ayatollah an ayatollah...and yet a powerless James Dobson speaking to polytheistic america is who we should worry about?

This is the best pro-Guiliani article that attempts to be anti-Guiliani I have ever read.

Knipper: How can you get through a Rich piece without an emesis basin? I cannot, and reading your link reminded me why. I assiduously abjure opinion pieces in the NYT, and pretty much limit my reading to the obituaries. The choices made about which of the recently dead get unpaid obits also says a lot about the Times.

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