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Darfur: "We need to show them what Matt Damon is doing!"

Why I love The Onion, and should link to it more often. Especially now that the Hollywood writer’s strike--otherwise a happy thing--has shut down The Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

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Keep watching...catch the piece on the heart transplant as well.

The best bit was when the guy suggests a benefit concert that is loud enough to drown out the gunfire . . . Perfect metaphor for what they're actually doing.

I know that the number of things we agree on is probably comparable to the population of the ivory-billed woodpecker, but the Onion is definitely among them. Here are some recent highlights:

Christian Charity to the Rescue!

Coming Soon to an NLT Blog Post

Oh, How We Smokers Are Being Victimized!!

The "Editorial Cartoon" feature is a fairly recent addition. Very Ramirez-esque. About 90% of the cartoons have a weeping Statue of Liberty in them!

Not watching much TV, it is really hard for me to discern the difference between these and what I have seen on those rare occasions when I remotely-roam through the shows these are meant to parody. Are The Daily Show and the Colbert Report like this? No wonder some of my students take those for good sources of the news.

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