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Giuliani’s Strategy described in all its complexity. Rudy is especially strong in big winner-take-all states. He won’t be winnowed out before February 5, and he’s very, very likely to have a strong lead in delegates on February 6. This analysis may not take momentum into account sufficiently. And there may be a ceiling in Rudy’s support that will become clear when he has only one significant opponent left standing. Still, his main hope is that both Mitt and Huck are both fatally flawed--in different ways, of course. (One reason I’m posting these schoolmarmish analyses of nomination strategy is to benefit my elections class. Here’s a solid AP overview of the early and likely decisive part of the primary season.)

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Uhm, is anyone here going to post a comment on the Annapolis discussions?

Bush is doing his usual, id est, contradicting his own stated positions and repudiating his own policies; he's exerting TREMENDOUS pressure on Israel, and he's arm-twisting Jews to go along with it.

Think that might warrant a post, or two?

Of the too many to ponder squalid actions of this administration, what they're doing for Annapolis just might be the worst.

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