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The Huck-Chuck Ad

Well, it’s darn funny. But is it presidential? It is "vintage Huck."

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Agreed. I laughed out loud, all the while thinking to myself that this was not what Iowa voters, let alone American voters, needed to see or hear from him now. They say a person should dress not for the job one has but for the one he wants to have. Huckabee should act the part of a president so that the gravitas necessary for the leader of the free world is manifest to the voting public and the rest of the globe. Reminds me of the short documentary film, Journeys with George, that Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi) produced of George W. Bush’s first campaign for president. Bush is ever the jokester in the beginning of the film, but when it became clear he was going to be elected, he took on a noticeably more serious demeanor. The shift towards Huckabee is well underway in Iowa, and so his message and image should be pitched less to them and more to the rest of the electorate.

Thing is that it's only a $60,000 ad buy-nothing. That means it is just a really smart novelty piece they did to get the networks to show it for free and boost his name recognition. Good move.

I don't care what Huckabee does. He isn't going to get the nomination. Were our party to embrace stupidity with two hands and nominate him, ............. it's over. And the only question will be how much damage have we inflicted on ourselves, and how many Senate seats will the Dems pick up.

If you go with a John Kerryesque Romney, if you go with a Huckabee or a Thompson, the only thing you will have done is ensure that Hillary has a filibuster proof Senate.

And that means socialism.

And a host of other disasters.

But hey, knock yourself out, it's only the country, it's only Western civilization, it's only the future.

Dan, are you nuts? Huckabee is plenty electable, and might well be a far more interesting candidate than Rudy. Sometime your crystal ball that allows you to flawlessly see the future will fail.


I have no use for Huckabee, but geesh - get a grip. The Messiah has already been and gone and his name was not Rudy. Rudy's background is a disaster, his 911 resume is mostly hype, and he does not have the temperament to be president. If he is the nominee he will lose; polls indicating otherwise are a reflection of name recognition only.

I don't select candidates based on electability because the fact is you don't know in the primary who can win. If you try to choose on electability, you get John Kerry. However, I note this newsweek piece saying Huckabee is the most electable Republican. True or not, he is the Republican whose views I most identify with.

Huck is not presidential. He appeals to a certain mentality that is somehow comforted by a candidate or president who, literally and figuratively, wears blue jeans. Personally, I prefer a more presidential style. I also prefer someone who doesn't refer to immigration restrictionists as racists, doesn't have an obvious affection for big government, and has just a little more partisanship than this unimpressive Arkansan.

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