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Where Are Abbott and Costello When You Need Them?

Today’s Washington Post has an account of the court battle under way in Virginia between the conservative breakaway churches from the evil empire national Episcopal Church over who owns and controls the valuable property involved. I’m not not so much interested in the legal dispute, which is complicated by the overlay of property law and church law, as I am in the name of an evil empire national church spokeswoman.

Quoth the Post: "’At this point they’re squatters,’ Susan Bartensteinnohits, a spokeswoman for the diocese, said yesterday."

Bartensteinnohits? Is this for real, or a typo that crept over somehow from the sports page? This calls to mind how Abbott and Costello might record an Episcopal diocesan general convention:

Bartensteinnohits: They’re squatters and renegades! Off with their heads parking privileges!

Fleckensteinnoruns: It’s the gay bishop what did this!

Bartlebybuntsingle: Does the gay bishop have a curveball?

Twistletonnoerrors: No, but he sure can swing away at the plate!

And so on. But enough of this, I gotta get back to work.

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Really? You have no interest in the interesting and complex legal questions involved, you just dropped by to make fun of the lady's name?

I really expect a higher level of discourse on this blog.


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