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Boxing Day opinion roundup

Greetings from South Carolina! We pulled in last night at about 11, after spending the day with my wife’s family outside Atlanta.

Jonah G. is actually kinda glad that the holiday is putting politics in its proper place, an unintended consequence of the self-important Iowa politicos who accelerated the calendar.

The Fred Barnesian rejoinder is that, then, Jonah ought to like Obama and Huckabee, the two candidates who say--albeit not altogether persuasively--that they want to put politics in its proper place.

Tony Blankley takes a look at the past and future of the conservative coalition and offers two suggestions: first, in the future a majority coalition will have to have a substantial Hispanic component; and, second, Republicans have to address the economic anxieties of the erstwhile "Reagan Democrats," else some will no longer be able to ask "what’s the matter with Kansas?"

This is, of course, Huckabee’s territory, even if Time’s Michael Scherer can’t understand how populism can issue in conservative policy proposals.

And now, perhaps appropriately, it’s time to think about a second Christmas dinner (my mom saved the turkey for today) and about the patriotic duty of spending Christmas money.

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Seems the Manchester Union-Leader doesn't cotton to Bay Area Romney.

I wonder what Hewitt will make of that. The paper said Romney speaks all of his memorized lines well, but they're not heartfelt; there's no conviction behind them.

The Manchester U-L had years to observe the rise of Romney. Few publications have the intensity of inhouse expertise on all things Romney as they do. And they came out and blasted him, absolutely blasted him.

The only Republican candidate that makes me want to vote for him is Thompson.

The rest seem to be nothing ... just bleets in the wind.

The Democrats ... well ... on the national stage I will never vote for a Democrat because they do not want a free democratic republic, they want a socialist paradise in the style of most Western Europe countries, which is clear are not paradises at all.

That, and the fact that the Democrats are the ones who split the country in two over hundred years ago (The Civil War), coopted civil rights (The Republicans were the first to get such things through the government), and continue to be for things other than the United States (which fits in with their first traiterous acts ... Civil War).

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