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Earth to the Times. . .

Let’s see: Dennis Kucinich (now stop laughing) brings up the subject of UFOs in one of the televised debates, and the Los Angeles Times editorial page takes him seriously. But remember--it’s Republicans who are anti-scientific.

At least the Times editorial has the wit to make an oblique reference to this great cult movie, which remains one of my all time favorites. I suppose only in LA.

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Did you see this article about the relative mental health of Republicans to Independents and especially to Democrats, which is why it pertains here. Not that Kuchinich would report himself having questionable mental health. He would be in the self-reported excellent mental health category, wouldn't he?

I liked this from the article, "how easily this topic can be rerouted into japery."


REPO MAN!!! What an odd (awesome) film.

Let's see: It was actually Tim Russert who brought up the UFO subject, pressing Kucinich on the important issues of the day that Americans are most concerned about.

Further, there's nothing "anti-scientific" in admitting that you saw something which you weren't able to identify - thus the acronym.

Finally, didn't you notice that the article pointed this out:

"Kucinich mentioned in his own defense that President Carter was a UFO witness, and he might have mentioned that Ronald Reagan was as well." I'm guessing that Kucinich has admitted to nothing that Reagan himself didn't.

I'm guessing that your Reagan books don't mention that, or dismiss it as tabloid gossip. Carter and Kucinich? UFO freaks!! Reagan? A victim of the tabloids - and a bad tarot card reading!

No direct relation, but funny story

Be Republican, Be Happy!

lol, same story as Kate, just from Foxnews.

Repo Man is a great film. I drove around with a "Little Tree" air freshener dangling from my rear-view mirror for years after seeing that....

Repo Man wasn't such a great pro wrestler, though. The Four Horsemen were much better, and taken together they don't hold a candle to the original Nature Boy, Buddy Rogers. Why doesn't anyone ask Kucinich about these key, follow-up issues?

I agree with Craig - there's nothing inherently unscientific about a flying object that you can't identify. I suspect many of the strange flying objects are military -- a few months back there were sightings of a strange hovering craft (observed by both pilots and grounds crew) at Chicago O'Hare, discussions of which were soon eerily silenced.

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