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Feminism Meets Greenery: You Can’t Make This Up

With the Hollywood writers still on strike, we have to look to the newspapers and the government for good comedy. The chief science adviser for the British government, Sir David King, is happy to oblige, telling citizens yesterday that "women must stop admiring men who drive sports cars if they want to join the fight against global warming." Will James Bond movies be banned next?

As Will Rogers said, "There’s no trouble writing humor when you have the whole government working for you."

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This reminds me of a woman who chastised me when I was in college for using fingernail polish and make-up and lambasted the men in our class for liking women who do. Without making any claims about the relative effectiveness of those products in my case, I will leave it to you to wonder about whether the use of those things might have made any difference in the appeal that woman projected. A guy in the class remarked to me later that he thought she was a Machiavellian environmentalist . . . trying to level the playing field to her advantage . . . That was mean . . . but still funny.

No. Wearing fingernail polish and make-up is leveling that particular playing field. So is driving the Ferrari; any fool with the money can drive one. I wish I had the money and not because of how it might make me look to opposite sex, which is a moot point at my age.

But does this guy think women are going to be seriously attracted to the goof who ostentatiously carries his recyclables in his Prius? There is more than an odor of sanctimony about him. Actually, I think I know the man this guy has in mind. He teaches at my college.

Kate, in this particular woman's case she was right to think more like a communist and go for equality in misery.

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