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Gender gaps

According to this poll of likely Republican caucus-goers, Mike Huckabee enjoys the support of evangelical women: there’s an 18 point gap between MH and MR among women (apparently even larger when you factor in religion). Men divide their support evenly between the two.

Hillary Clinton has trouble with (Democratic and independent) men, who apparently deny that it’s because she’s a woman.

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More evidence of Huck's general election viability.

Although men dislike Hilary more than women do, the reasons men and women quote for not trusting her tend to be quite similar.

Men and women dont find her likeable, think she's arrogant/inflexible and that she stuck around with Bill after his affair for political reasons. Given the similar reasons for not liking Hilary, i think we cant authoritatively claim men are being sexist when not choosing her.

No mystery here. Men are less put off by primarily rationalistic candidates, e.g. Romney. Women are more responsive to a candidate's vibes -- which is not necessarily irrational. Huck, like Lionel Hampton, is the "Vibes President of the United States." Or at least he's running for it. As for Hillary's (relative) problems with Democratic men: You can say men are biased against women candidates, or you can say women are biased for them, and that men more than women are responding to Hillary's specifics as opposed to her nominal identity.

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