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If Emmanuel Kant Ran for President Today. . .

. . . He’d get hit with attack ads like this:

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Best Hayward post ever.

That was AMAZING.

I am SOOOOOO glad that YouTube wasn't around when I was in grad school . . . can you imagine the hours these guys put in to that?

I don't think that looked like it had much time put into it at all. It's hilarious, but it's nothing that should have taken more than an hour at most....unless Julie's figuring in the time it takes to read Kant's corpus.

I was really thinking more of the drinking that must have preceded it . . .

You know Kant was quite fond of tying one on. I can't remember what famous philosopher described Kant's philosophy as reeking of German beer pubs or something to that effect.


Editing these short videos on computer takes a lot longer than you think, especially the better software you use. Try it some time. It takes me roughly an hour per finished minute for the crude little videos I have done here (which is also the going rate for TV shows I understand--one hour of editing for every finished minute of a show).

That one may have been slightly easier because they didn't have to shoot video, just upload some images and fiddle with them in the effects palette of whatever video editing program they used. But each of those sequences used multiple effects simultaneously, which means it took more than one pass to get working right.

Now, I have been urging the Ashbrook people to find a student videographer to follow Schramm around with a camera and boom mike for a few days, and edit a short piece on Peter in action. I'd pay money for that.

All right, noted. I'm no vid editor. Some of their points still stand. Kant WAS wrong on aesthetics and morality.

Is there any way someone can get a moderator in these endlessly dull debates to ask, say, Hillary whether she agreed with Kant on the question of the categorical imperative? Of course we know the answer is yes, but just hearing her try to answer would make it all worthwhile. Of course if it was asked of the Republicans, we'd finally see why Alan Keyes is running again!

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