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Is Romney the Republican Kerry?

Well, that makes sense, if Huck is the Republican Dean. Does that mean, as the NATIONAL REVIEW says, that Mitt is the moderate who can hold the coaliton together? Or that flip-floppers can’t win? To be fair to Romney, it’s just not true that he’s part of the D.C. establishment, and he’s stuck with being plenty controversial. (Thanks to Clint.)

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When we brand Romney as decadence incarnate, we ARE being fair to him, as well as fair to ourselves.

Day after day Romney looks himself in the mirror, and day after day he's comfortable telling one and all one tall tale after another about what he believes.

He's comfortable with deception, he's comfortable with falsehoods, he's comfortable sowing lies to advance himself. He's a Romney, he's the son of another politician comfortable blowing with the winds.

But what of us, what of us, the rank and the file of the Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, the party of Grant, the party of TR. What of us? Would we be comfortable walking into the booth and pulling a lever for a "man" like Romney?

Romney's very soul is acclimated to deliberate deception. Would of us?

Is it any wonder, any wonder at all that "the Bushies" lined up behind Romney, that Romney enjoyed support from within the Bush family proper. Which of us would expect anything different.

Like likes like, isn't that what we learned in Algebra, and isn't that what we've learned from decades of observance of our public scene.

I will not vote for Romney; I will not vote for a man that so insults the intelligence of the American people; I will not vote for a man who privileges his own private ambitions over truthfulness with the American people. To vote for Romney is to tread on the graves of my forefathers, many of whom died in battle, and whose bodies were never recovered. And I will not do it. I will NOT besmirch them by voting for any man like Romney.

I am hard pressed to think of a single public figure as morally repugnant as Mitt Romney, who lies to one and all just so he can have his own presidential library and fly on Air Force One.

Peter, I think you mixed apples and oranges on the two analogies. Your first post was about general election weakness-an article the Pro-Romney Drudge created to hurt Huckabee. My response was another (less biased) article that points out the huge weaknesses of flip-flop Mitt in the general election, God forbid he's our nominee.

Your second post cleverly switched to a primary election analysis, glorifying Romney as Kerry because Kerry won the primary, while morphing Huck into Dean. From the primary angle, Romney and Kerry are not similar because Kerry bloomed late while Romney has been on top in the early states until recently. We really need to move past Romney-he's finished. Even the Weakly Standard guys couldn't defend how pathetic he looks in his attack ad against Huck!

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