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Combine your sense of humor (includes outrage) and a free market and you get to purchase Mohammed the Bear. I�m sure someone is going to get in trouble over this! In the meantime, two Brit Muslim peers are flying to the Sudan to try to free poor Mrs. Gibbons, as the mob outside her cell demands her life.

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It's okay to name children "Mohammed" but not an inanimate object? The bear will just sit there doing nothing, but the child Mohammed can go out and desecrate the image the Prophet far more through his words and deeds.

In a sense, this all reminds me of the "outrage" shown in black rallies in the United States, particularly when Sharpton is in the forefront. The outrage isn't sincere, but it is useful.

Wow. John Moser certainly was correct when he said, a couple blog entries back, that conservatives have room for improvement in the comedy realm. It seems entirely appropriate that the mode for this instance of pin-prick antagonizing is a teddy bear, because the sentiment behind it ("go on you filthy Moslem, I DARE you to attack me!") is as juvenile and childish - and unhelpful - as the Sudanese mobs are mindless and wrong.

The clown who is selling those, presumably at a bulk rate to Ashbrook Center disciples, is also offering these inane goodies:

First, it's the

"There's No Room for B.O. in the White House" t-shirt!! (also available emblazoned on a "keepsake box") Ok, do you get it? Barack Obama's initials are also the short form for body odor. Oh so hilarious.

And then we have this:

"HuckaBEE MOVING up in the polls!"

Oh, it's a play on words. An incredibly, sadly contrived play on words - that no one will understand in six months. Which one makes you laugh harder, this one or his "Dem and Dumber" one?

I'll limit it to three product samples so nobody strains any muscles from intense guffawing. Lastly there's

"HuckaBEELIEVER", which, to prevent confusion with the HuckaBEE MOVING shirt, notes the association between God, Country and the candidate who hilariously, yet in a heartfelt way, pretended he was engaging in a cellphone chat with God while endorsing George W. Bush in the '04 campaign.

With a non-stop barrage of laughs like that, I'm wondering when you'll ask for combat pay for being in stitches all the time. Get it??? Get it???

Don, you are quite right. When I learned that children had been named for saints and learned that Jesus was a common name in Spanish-speaking counties, I thought how awful to have generations of people named for you who might be doing ANYTHING under your name.

We have been chatting away down here about this subject. I am shamelessly reposting most of my comment from below so it continues the conversation for a day or two longer.

Perdicaris alive, or Raisuli dead, according to this and other quick cheap and easy Internet searches. John Lewis is not wrong, but the problem with his correct view is what Dan points out - how the heck are we going to live with that?

My son, the former Marine, is taking a comparative religions course and has become deeply interested in Islam. I have him reading Bernard Lewis, which is putting him at odds with his professor who insists that Islam is a religion of peace, no matter what it says in the Koran, which is what my son is quoting to counter the multi-cultural drivel.

Yes, no doubt Britain and other Western governments will deride that poor woman's cultural insensitivity, but that is probably the only way to get that woman out alive. Sending those two, Muslim, British peers is a good stunt designed to make the point that Britain IS multi-cultural.

Weren't Teddy Bears named after Teddy Roosevelt? So, in naming a political bear after a religious figure, isn't this woman thumbing her nose at those who would separate church and state? On the other hand, she wouldn't be thus charged in a nation that respected the free expression of ideas, would she? Oh, the recursiveness of it all!

Kate wrote: "how awful to have generations of people named for you who might be doing ANYTHING under your name."

Imagine the horror I've had to live with knowing what Donald Rumsfeld did while carrying my name!


Don, (the sainted from AZ,) was Donald Rumsfeld named for you? does have an impressive array of tasteless gifts. I am looking through some of those choice items with my daughter looking over my shoulder saying, "I don't get it." That is something of a relief. Where do you suppose those shirts are worn and are a laugh-riot?

Conservatives DO have room for improvement in the comedy realm. However, I do recall that during the Reagan years all a comedian had to do was appear on TV and say, "Ronald Reagan...." with a shake of the head and the audience, or maybe it was a laugh track, would chuckle away as if something really humorous had been said. Maybe Craig got it. I never did.

Wait a second . . . I'm an Ashbrook Center Disciple; sign me up for eight! And I might as well go ahead and get a few of those Huckabee shirts now so no one calls me a fair-weather Republican.

Craig -- Thanks for plugging so many of my items in your comment. Heck, maybe you'd be willing to walk around with a sandwich board emblazoned with images of my products, including the MY NAME IS MOHAMMED THE BEAR™. I can "bearly" contain my excitement over the prospect!

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