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Check out Joe’s link below. Here are the nuggets of wisdom I would highlight. I have twisted them, of course, to my own purposes.

To Huck: Now’s the time to expand your appeal. Play the conservative populist card. Combine steadfast social conservatism with alternatives to mere trickle-down economics. Address the insecurities of the middle-class with relatively market-based remedies in areas such as health-care. Moderately compassionate class-based appeals, studies show, work even among Republicans right now. Campaign against the New York conservative elitist establishment, as your brainy advisor Joe Carter is doing on his Evangelical Outpost. Stifle the puritanical and prohibitionist impulses of thin and fit Huck and remember what’s attractive about the inner hefty Huck.

To Romney: You’re actually doing pretty well, all things considered. The real problem is not that you’re a Mormon. Nobody really likes you that much. That’s pretty unfair, I think, but you need to work on being personable and displaying dignified character. Responsible Republicans are bound to continue to flock to you as the "ecumenical" socially conservative alternative to Huck. The odds are you’ll lose in Iowa, but the immensity of the Huck surge makes that no longer anything near fatal for you. Lay off Huck; his success has actually helped you, and you can use it to capture the center. It’s actually a big advantage to have the New York conservative mainstream establishment for you; it’s full of smart and influential people.

To McCain: Romney is going to peel off the "responsible Republicans" from Giuliani. But that’s your opportunity to get Rudy’s "national security" Republicans and do well enough in NH to be in the final three with Huck and Romney. Voters weary of the Mormon-Evangelical in-fighting might turn to you as an authentic man of character at least acceptable to social conservatives. Don’t say anything self-righteous that unnecessarily alienates religious conservatives for at least the next month. And look as young as you can.

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Great stuff, Peter. And Joe Carter is an amazing blogger who doesn't get the credit he deserves. Y'all check out Evangelical Outpost.

Tom Bevan discusses the weaknesses of Mitt Romney on race and abortion. Weak answers and flip-flops will lead the GOP down in flames next November if we saddle ourselves with such a candidate.

McCain has a PERFECT opportunity.

Congress just gutted fencing provisions of a bill they all supported back during the signing ceremony, back in October of '06.

McCain should portray himself as THE CHAMPION for the fencing, AS ORIGINALLY intended. And add in some mileage for good measure.

He's been saying "he gets it." Well this is a perfect opportunity for him to demonstrate that YES INDEED, he really does get it.

I'm with Clint. Were we to saddle ourselves with Romney, it would be tantamount to the GOP declaring itself intellectually and morally bankrupt.

Dan is right about McCain-he's got quite an opening. I just talked about the primary with a really smart friend. There are basically 6 contests prior to the big day (IA, NH, MI, NV, SC, and FL) and if any one candidate wins three of these the race is over and that candidate should carry the day on super Tuesday. IA looks like Huck. NH is increasingly McCain. If Romney loses both of these he will thankfully be out of the race since he lead both states forever and the losses would be crushing. This could open the door in MI for a race b/w Giuliani, McCain, and Huck. At this point MI is a must win for Giuliani because he can't wait for FL. Then NV which if Mitt one NH he would have a chance on the Mormon factor, but this is likely to be a Huck/Giuliani race. However, out of these six states McCain has won two before, so who's to say he won't win NH, and MI again and then propel to a win in FL. However, I like Huck's chances given IA and SC which leaves him with just one more win to take back the party for the people!!

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