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A Double Smackdown

Today features a rare alignment between the lead editorials of the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal on the subject of the Democratic candidates pathetic or willful ignorance about the progress in Iraq.

Quote the Journal: "So what we take away from the four Democratic Presidential candidates’ stunning display of misinformation and false statements about the surge Saturday evening is that they have simply stopped thinking about Iraq. They seem to have concluded that opposition to the war permits them to literally not know what the U.S. or the Iraqis are doing there."

Quote the Post: "Even more disturbing was the refusal of the Democrats to adjust their policies to the changed situation. . . any U.S. policy ought to be aimed at consolidating the gains of the past year and ensuring that neither al-Qaeda nor sectarian war make a comeback. So far, the Democratic candidates have refused even to consider that challenge."

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Just as soon as it becomes clear who will be the Dem nominee, be sure that person will begin to acknowledge the progress in Iraq.

The real problem here is not the Dem candidates, it's the wingnuts funding and campaigning for them. They don't want to hear about reality in Iraq, and their wilfull blindness is obliged by the candidates. Once it's over, the winner will address the progress.

That's real leadership, isn't it?

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