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Another Obama endorsement

Maybe this is as much of a surprise as the Caroline and Ted endorsements.

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So Toni found someone blacker to vote for in her lifetime. After all, what matters in a presidential election?

The comments (lots of bitter ones) on that page made for entertainment.

Morrison: "That something is a creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom."

Umm ... okay. I've never heard that definition of 'wisdom' before, but okay.

Morrison strikes me as the kind of person who, after all these years being applauded as a person of words, feels compelled to use lots of them.

Is Obama really all that prescient, creative, or wise? I heard one loud and clear message in the speech today - government programs and massive spending are coming your way if you vote for me. Really, there seemed no area of life that he would not be willing to use government spending to intervene in. This is tired, old, spent New Dealism, hardly a vision of a new generation moving into the future to reclaim American greatness.

Tony - Well OK. But I don't think Obama was aiming his speech at conservatives like you. There are other conservatives, however, who recognize the force of his appeal -- even if they don't buy it.

Nothing says "change" like multiple Kennedy endorsements...

Steve, I was not analyzing the intended audience so much as the message itself. If that is what liberals/Democrats, or at least a portion of them want, then we are in for some seriously large government expansion, even when you did not think it could grow any larger and have any more control over our lives. I certainly fault GWB for contributing to this.

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