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Michael Tomasky, a lefty often worth reading, speaks what a lot of people are thinking right now about the prospective First Husband of the United States, Bill Clinton:

I don’t know who on this planet has the stature to go face-to-face with Bill Clinton and look him in the eye and tell him he behaved in a discreditable fashion. His wife? His buddy Vernon Jordan? Whoever it is, someone had better stop him. He campaigned against a fellow Democrat no differently than if Obama had been Newt Gingrich. The Clinton campaign may conclude that, numerically and on balance, Bill helped. But, trust me, to the thousands of committed progressives who supported him when he really needed it, who went to the mat for him at his moment of (largely self-inflicted) crisis but who now happen to be supporting someone other than his wife, he’s done himself a tremendous amount of damage.

I must say, this is starting to get fun.

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What a whiner this guy is. What difference does it make if BILL Clinton "has done HIMSELF a tremendous amount of damage"? He's not running for anything, and isn't going to. As for his lovely and charming wife, does Tomasky imagine that Obama supporters will sit at home and sulk, come November, if it's Hillary versus, for example, McCain? Or any other Republican, for that matter? Maybe Tomasky will be spending the day burying his sorrows under a pile of bean sprouts, but who else?

Why, it's almost as if Democrats are discovering that the Clintons are pathologically self-centered amoral reprobate grifters.


Yet we know that simply cannot be.

Could it?

Isn't this the problem of the two-for-one deal that we will get with the Clintons? I caught something about this on NPR, (was it EJ Dionne I heard?) that the White House could end up in a Clinton presidency with his and hers staff issues and policies. If she was a problem for him during his administration, how much worse for her might he be? Maybe she could take him on as VP and make the two-for-one deal cost effective for the American public.

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