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I’m Coming to Georgetown! Thursday, the 24th, to speak on Tocqueville on greatness and justice. For more details, go to Dr. Pat’s "Tocqueville Forum" website. There you can check out Deneen’s great series of lectures on Alexis, and I’m proud to be between the genuinely great Mansfield and Delsol. The time Thursday is 5 p.m, and the location is 3700 N Street. This is the best reason ever for you think-tankers and bureaucrats to knock off an hour early. It’s not like you’re really doing any work anyway.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about Huckabee as the perfect embodinement of the synthesis of classical magnanimity and Christian charity. But I am going to talk about the truth of the Christian correction of Aristotelian moral virtue.

And, by the way, HAPPY MLK DAY, which is, properly understood, a proudly American and deeply conservative holiday.

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Dude, stop saying "rightly/properly understood" in every post. Yer drivin' me nuts!

That's quite an all-star lineup--wish I could make it.

I hope that someday soon you'll be announcing the title of this post without a roundtrip ticket in hand...

It will be good to have you here. I hope the D.C.-based NLT readership will be able to attend Peter's lecture, and many other of our events.

Yesterday evening, I saw an interview of Mike Huckabee on Daystar Television Network. This evening, I'll see you at Georgetown University. I hope that you will reconsider your intention to not talk about Huckabee, and offer insights about Mike Huckabee as he relates to your topic: the Christian correction of Aristotelian moral virtue.

Enjoyed your poetic presentation at GU. The following two scripture verses seem to embody the Judeo-Christian correction to classical magnanimity.

"What is man that you are mindful of him?"

"Perhaps, you [Esther] were born for such a time as this!"

Judeo-Christianity points to greatness w/o striving (i.e. non-anxious significance). Significance is bestowed by God, unconditionally; yet, God calls individuals to perform significant actions. This fits in the circumscribed greatness to which you alluded, i.e. we are not gods who write the complete story, but we are invited to write significant passages within the story.

Have you read Epic by John Eldredge?

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