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Race, and "an unfortunate set of words"

This from today’s Washington Post, and this from politico give a useful recounting and rendition of the "racial tensions" roiling the Dems as a result of recent "racially tinged" comments by Hillary, Bill, and other supporters. The reaction has been almost totally negative, and I don’t see it going away, just yet. The Clintons, Cuomo, et al, may be able to dance around this, but it will be neither pretty, nor free.

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They created the PC monster. Now they have to deal with it. Sweet irony.

I don't get it. What exactly did they say that was racist?

They aren't pro-Obama. It is a conflict of identities within the party. They, with the white woman identity, have to say that Obama is the candidate of change and hope and all that stuff, because he is black, or else they are insensitive on the race issue.

In the same way, there has been the to-do about Obama being insensitive to Clinton, disrespectful to her as woman, in their debate last week. What did he say? "You're popular enough, Hillary." How insensitive can he get? I don't really get it, either.

Can you imagine feeling morally obligated to take this stuff seriously? And the media morons turn to Sharpton and J. Jackson for quotes! Oh, how I do miss being a Democrat...

This compassionate gentleman from NY and fighter against racism was also Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If he had spoken like this then, HUD's minority employees would have organized mass protests and strikes:

"A memo surfaced yesterday that listed allegedly racially tinged remarks made by Clinton and her surrogates, including a comment from New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo that Obama would have to do more than "shuck and jive" his way through a news conference to get elected..."

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