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As I write the voting in New Hampshire is still under way, but all the buzz is for an Obama rout of Hillary, and there is talk that she might even drop out. I doubt it; I am sure she’ll hang in to February 5, but unless they’ve got some real dirt on Obama ready to roll out his momentum will likely be unstoppable.

And so it comes to mind that every conversation I’ve had with a liberal friend or acquaintance (yes--I have liberal friends) over the last two years has been the same: they like Hillary, but don’t think she can win in November. I would always make the case why I thought she could win, but couldn’t persuade them, which I thought odd. I should have given these conversations more weight, and perceived that there was a huge opening for someone else--a fresh face, not Joe Biden or Chris Dodd, for gawdssakes. (Although, I wonder what John Kerry is thinking this week??)

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Or Gore. Is Gore experiencing some discontent watching Obama drive down Hillary, Bill, and the whole Clinton apparat.

But it's not done yet, though it certainly appears that way.

Of course The White House would be a decided step down for Gore, what with him being nothing less than a full-fledged false messiah.

Decisions, decisions, I suppose.

Messiah? President?

President, or Messiah?

Save America, or save the world.

What's a false messiah to do?

Make a fortune I suppose, pushing one falsehood after another.

It looks like Hillary might win in NH, or at least no rout is going on. Once again we were deceived by what the studies seemed to show.


The New Hampshire Democrat primary is STILL too close to call. And Michael Barone just said it's very possible that Hillary might just win the thing.

Mary, Obama, despite the platitudes, would staff his administration with the foreign policy establishment of the Democrat party. Men and women who held lesser jobs in the Carter and the Clinton administrations, would be promoted "on up" in an Obama administration.

There's nothing new in the Democrat universe. Which is another one of the deceptions attending his quest for the nomination, because he's promising something that doesn't exist, and what's more, he KNOWS doesn't exist, and he also knows he hasn't any intention of ever delivering.

Peter, I don't know what to attribute the error to, but the Clintons are masters of spin, masters of narrative, and they could have taken a losing situation and morphed into a win. Which is weird and strange. Because Hillary held DOUBLE-DIGIT leads all year. But now she's spinning a non double-digit defeat as a win, as a major "comeback."

You know who the big loser would be tonight if Hillary pulls it out...................... McCain! Because McCain's crushing victory over Romney would be blunted by the massive coverage attending Hillary's "comeback victory."

Hillary might damage McCain simply by making sure the full story tonight isn't McCain, and all McCain.

Britt is saying this is going to go "very late indeed."

Obama has to threaten the unions that are getting out the vote for her. The polls didn't lie, but they couldn't tabulate the impact of the union machine dragging out geezers from senior centers so they could vote for Hillary.

He's got to tell those unions either "back off, and let me go one on one against Hillary, or when I win, I will make it a point to punish and pound you."

Obama has to start threatening a backlash against those who won't step away from Hillary. The battle behind the scenes to isolate and neutralize is as important as the one we see play out on our television screens. The unions are effectively pulling Hillary through in New Hampshire. The reason it hasn't been called yet is because of what they managed to accomplish for her in Manchester and Nashua. They're saving her. They're artificially inflating her support. And Obama needs to do something about it. And giving dopey speeches on hope doesn't cut it.

Just watching Edwards deliver his concession speech, I actually have to give some credit, some props, to the Democrats who saw through that fraud Edwards and didn't vote for him.

Edwards makes Romney appear downright authentic, and that takes some serious doing.

So much for "the buzz" - that "liberal fascist" Hillary Clinton just took NH.

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