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...was dominated by Romney, although they were all not bad at all. Mitt went on the offensive against both Huck and McCain on the records when it comes to taxes and forced them both to be defensive and evasive. And he finally has the executive leadership, Washington is broken, fundamental change is needed stuff down pat. (Obama lite with competence added.) The Luntz focus group loved him most when he was saying almost nothing substantive at all. (I mean that to be praise of Mitt.) Huck was pretty good and even eloquent in places otherwise, but he’s stopped being funny. Someone told McCain to stop being nasty, and so he was too cautious and redundant. Thompson and Giuliani seemed relatively disengaged, although Fred was good on Social Security. You never know which Fred is going to show up--even from question to question. Maybe Mitt is going to be this year’s Comeback Kid in NH.

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The lack of a live audience was clearly a disadvantage for Huckabee, which says a lot about his candidacy - good and bad.

No, I think the criticism has altered Huckabee's behavior. He's getting ripped apart. He's been ridiculed as simply not a serious contender. So what's he doing? He gets out there and stops the occasional witticism. A place inside him is thinking "I can sway those at NR who hate me, I can change their minds by demonstrating my seriousness, that I am too serious about the issues that impact us all."

Romney listened to those at NR who urged him to greater displays of fake sincerity, and he obliged, and the focus groups loved it, so rest assured, we'll see more of Romney faking passion for a while.

Giuliani simply didn't force the issue. The coverage is heading towards Romney, McCain and Huckabee. And Giuliani isn't doing much to alter that equation.

Fred is being Fred, and Fred is finding out that his Southern style doesn't travel well North of the Mason Dixon, and doesn't travel very well either West of Vicksburg.

Dan--Thanks. That's a much blunter version of what I was trying to say.

It is, of course, a travesty that Ron Paul was left out. Shame on FOX.

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