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Obama without the teleprompter

Tonight, Dean Barnett observed that Obama without a teleprompter is much less impressive than when he’s on top of his game. Judge for yourselves. Here’s his teleprompterless Jefferson-Jackson dinner speech in Richmond this weekend. Here’s the speech as written.

Clearly not his most impressive effort.

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Does this matter? Maybe this is too easy, but let's remember that Bush, with or without a teleprompter, is never even Obama without a teleprompter.

Joe is just trying to give us Republicans hope that Obama will not enthrall until November.

People have remarked that Obama is not a great debater, though that's not exactly McCain's great strength either. I will say that McCain is at least comfortable off-the-cuff (or, if you will, shooting from the hip)--a mixed blessing, to be sure.

That Obama on a bad day is better than George W. Bush on all but his best days is not the issue. Obama has created oratorical expectations. Can he fulfill them with any consistency under fire for an entire campaign season? He may well be up to that task, but I have to say that the jury is out. He has never run in a general election against a determined and able candidate. (Don't forget that he won his seat in the Senate against Alan Keyes, who is living proof of the limits of oratorical pyrotechnics.)

Wasn't Alan Keyes another one who credited his "victory" to "Almighty God" (and with a voice that set this girl's knees to trembling)? I noticed that he didn't get too many other victories after that. Perhaps God heard him too.

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