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The emperor has clothes

In styles from the rive gauche, says Karl Rove, who also argues that relative specificity means relative vulnerability. A snippet:

Mr. McCain can now question Mr. Obama’s promise to change Washington by working across party lines. Mr. Obama hasn’t worked across party lines since coming to town. Was he a member of the "Gang of 14" that tried to find common ground between the parties on judicial nominations? Was Mr. Obama part of the bipartisan leadership that tackled other thorny issues like energy, immigration or terrorist surveillance legislation? No. Mr. Obama has been one of the most dependably partisan votes in the Senate.

Mrs. Clinton can do much more to draw attention to Mr. Obama’s lack of achievements. She can agree with Mr. Obama’s statement Tuesday night that change is difficult to achieve on health care, energy, poverty, schools and immigration -- and then question his failure to provide any leadership on these or other major issues since his arrival in the Senate. His failure to act, advocate or lead on what he now claims are his priorities may be her last chance to make a winning argument.

Read, as they say, the whole thing.

I don’t think that Senator Clinton will be able to puncture Obama’s balloon, especially since her own balloon seems to be losing altitude, but an aggressive John McCain might. And I’m sure that every time HRC says something negative, folks from the McCain campaign are taking notes, not to imitate her, but to remind voters in the fall that even members of Obama’s own party don’t think he’s ready for prime time. Which he isn’t.

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There's no particular need to work across party lines if your party has big majorities in Congress. In the name of unity and change, you'd might do well to just ignore the other party.


You're right that Obama probably wouldn't need to. But he has been talking about ending the divisiveness, which he wants us to think means a certain amount of bipartisanship, even if it really means administering the coup de grace to a Republican Party that is bleeding pretty badly.

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