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Truly the End of an Era

I’ve been too depressed lately (okay, really just too d--- busy) to post much lately, but on top of all the chatter that the Reagan Era is well and truly over, comes the news that Bobby Knight is retiring from college basketball. Truly the end of an era. Knight was the General Patton of college basketball coaches.

Peter: Can we make Knight an honorary fellow of the Ashbrook Center?

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An Honorary Ashbrook? Great idea.

with his 98% player graduation rate, you could make him the Ashbrook Scholar academic adviser!

Here's a line from Knight, "Smart wins." And of course the corollary, "Stupid loses."

See Clarence Thomas's admiring comments about him in his autobiography.

This is your old bible study buddy...Doug Dunham. I hope you remember me, Bob and Gigi Clark's cousin. You turned me on to the group "Yes" during High School. I actually changed my name to "Ferguson" in 1987. Do you remember Mike Ferguson? He moved to Hawaii during 7th grade at Huntington Jr. High. He was my cousin too, and Ferguson was my Mom's maiden name.
You don't know it, but I have been keeping up on some of the stuff you have been doing in recent years. As soon as I heard you had written the Reagan book, I went out and bought it. About a year later, I started chatting online with Von Purdy, and she emailed me a picture of you and her and another person at one of the reunions. She kept in touch with me several times since then, and kept me up to date with her treatments. I'm sure you know she passed away, and I am sorry I did not get to our 30th. It would have been great to see her.
Anyway again....
I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I just came on one of your you tube videos, and now have made it to this site. We seem to be very aligned on this stuff, and I am so glad I have found this stream to your blogs and videos. Keep up the good work buddy, and drop me a line if you get a chance at [email protected]
Also caught you on the Hugh Hewitt show the other day. You sound great.
God bless my friend, and I hope to see you at the next reunion, or any other time I can.

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