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Pastor Wright? Who?

Obama has come out strong condemning the worst of Rev. Wright’s inflammatory statements, on the HuffingtonPost, no less. But will he say the same thing on BET? (But doesn’t BET’s owner support Hillary?--Ed. Yes, good point. . . Hmm, this could get even more interesting.)

Obama is caught on the tip of a wedge between two Democratic core constituencies: black voters who, prepped by Jesse Jackson 25 years ago, believe a lot of this noxious message, and guilty white liberals who, at the end of the day, aren’t that guilty--at least not when winning the election is at stake. What was that great line in Phil Oakes classic tune "Love Me I’m A Liberal"? I think it went, ". . . as long as they don’t move next door."

I think Hillary’s chances are improving.

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It sure takes a lot of guts to condemn something 7 years after it happen, just when condemning it becomes necessary to protecting your political fortunes.

Oh, wait, no it doesn't.

Hillary has got to be singing in her sleep over this. But Obama's denunciations at this late date just won't wash.

Look at the footage of the Reverend Mr. Wright seething and spluttering "God damn America!" from his pulpit. And what do you see? The entire congregation is swaying and clapping and shouting Amen! to this sewage.

This is Obama's church. These people are his congregation. They weren't visited upon him like the frogs of Egypt. He chose them and stayed with them for the past 20 years.

And now he suddenly disavows the vile hatred that saturates their "religion"?

Oh, please. I cannot find better words than Valleyspeak for this: Gag me with a backhoe!

You mean Phil Ochs?

Jeremiah Wright, John Hagee, James Dobson and Rod Parsley are secret Islamofacists. Be very afraid and vote Republican so you can be safe from the evil doers.

Hmmmm ... just a gut feel, but I think Obama is going to slip the noose on this one. Sitting at National Airport in Washington awaiting my flight, I caught some TV coverage. The MSM is in full coverage mode for the guy. They're acknowledging the dust-up, both Wright and Rezko, but they're working very hard to diminish both. Come next week, the MSM will claim the story is "already covered" (over the slow weekend news cycle) and they'll move onto some new Bush or McCain allegation.

Yes, Paul, I did mean Phil Ochs. D'oh! A brain-fart on my part.

Too bad Ochs never wrote a song called "Love Me, I'm a Neocon." He could base it on little Bill Kristol's sad story - being wrong on just about everything during Dubya's presidency and then being punished for it by getting a spot on the liberally-biased NYT's ope-ed page.

Steve Sailer was pointing out Obama's feet of clay while others on the right were swooning over him. (What was that all about?)

Wow, Craig Scanlon is back to show off his twelve-year-olds intellect.

Nyah nyah, you're a poo-poo head!

(It's always best to speak to these people in their own idiom.)


A racial group is a large extended family, and Obama’s book is primarily about his rejection of his supportive white maternal extended family in favor of his unknown black paternal extended family.

For the few willing to read all 442 pages, he offers important testimony about the enduring glamour of anti-white anger. It’s a bitter counterweight to the sunny hopes so widely invested in his candidacy as the man whose election as president would somehow help America finally “transcend race.”

In reality, Obama provides a disturbing test of the best-case scenario of whether America can indeed move beyond race. He inherited his father’s penetrating intelligence; was raised mostly by his loving liberal white grandparents in multiracial, laid-back Hawaii, where America’s normal race rules never applied; and received a superb private school education. And yet, at least through age 33 when he wrote Dreams from My Father, he found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against his mother’s race.

Even his celebrated acceptance of Christianity in his mid-20s turns out to be an affirmation of African-American emotional separatism. As I was reading Dreams, I assumed that his ending would be adapted from the favorite book of his youth, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which climaxes with Malcolm’s visit to Mecca and heartwarming conversion from the racism of the Black Muslims to the universalism of orthodox Islam. I expected that Obama would analogously forgive whites and ask forgiveness for his own racial antagonism as he accepts Jesus.

Instead, Obama falls under the spell of a leftist black nationalist preacher, Jeremiah A. Wright, who preaches African-American unity through antipathy toward whites. Reverend Wright remains a major influence on the presidential candidate. (The title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, is borrowed from one of Wright’s sermons.) Ben Wallace-Wells notes in Rolling Stone: “This is as openly radical a background as any significant American political figure has ever emerged from, as much Malcolm X as Martin Luther King Jr.”

This fellow dissects the Wright business pretty nicely.

I can't help but notice that the "Moderate Voice" is a kooky far-left winger himself.

Why do you people always like to pretend you are something other than what you are?

Right on, John. Mr. "moderate voice," goes on to indulge in some heavy-breathing speculation about Senator Clinton's involvement in a "Christianist" bible-study.

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