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Instapundit points out that .Yahoo, Ask, and other search engines take notice of Memorial Day on their main pages. Google, however, does not. I guess Google thinks that Memorial Day is less worthy of note than Earth Day, the first day of Spring, Persian New Year, and other such days.

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Chalk another one up to the Right-Wing Outrage Machine! This one seems about as far out there as Michelle Malkin's recent hissy-fit at Dunkin' Donuts because a scarf that Rachel Ray was wearing in an ad looked a bit too Arab to her.

But since you mention it, is there anything special for Memorial Day on the main pages of THIS site?

When we get to virtual flag pin checks, that's a sign that the right-wing blogosphere needs to get off the keyboard, out of the house, and get some fresh air.

"[L]ooked a bit too Arab to her," or was in actuality Arab, to her, and to anyone else, because it was, objectively, not subjectively, a piece of Arab headgear.

As for the "machine," we're not the ones racking up various colored ribbons on the lapels are we? Pink, yellow, purple, green, each of which has their own various meaning. Every color under the "rainbow" can be found, but not the colors that don't run, not the colors of Old Glory.

This was your recommended reading from NLT, noted below on the blog in anticipation of the day.

To me, the post did not seem nearly as outraged as comment #1. It is a funny thing. I can't remember Google neglecting the day last year. maybe I just to do not remember, being neglectful in the outrage department.

Now, off to the picnic. No, a small note and a happy one for our community; no one who graduated from our local high school has died in the current war. Many, many have served, and today we were grateful, as many of us are every day.

I think RF is pro-terrorist.

This tendency to take Google to task over the holidays they "acknowledge" bespeaks a brittle sort of patriotism.

Must we all drape ourselves in red white and blue to love our country now?

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