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Peggy Noonan nails it. Hillary should have listened . . .

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Peggy Noonan nails nothing. She wastes ink exonerating the man. That's the take-away. McClellan has nothing to say that the liberals haven't been saying for years. The fact that he was "there" gives it no more credibility, because in this case the observer is a dolt who cannot be trusted to understand even an environment he works in. To the extent his points about Bush are valid, they're ones we already know. The disloyalty to a good man is stomach-turning. That Bush teared up when this dimwit (and future rat) left his employ is a pathetic commentary on the president. As is the fact he was even hired. The White House carried the guy long after he was a laughingstock. He should have nothing but gratitude toward them.

The link goes directly to Noonan's ludicrous column about McClellan. Hey, maybe it's time for you to grow up.

Julie, you must be referring to Noonan's article from last week, about female leaders. If Hillary were like those women, she would probably not be a liberal and we might like her.

Mea Culpa, David Frisk. The link did, indeed, go to the wrong column. All I can say is that when I posted this one, the McClellan column wasn't up yet. I guess the link to her weekly column is always the same address and so, if you link to it, it will change when the column rotates. I hadn't even seen the McClellan column when I linked to this one . . . that's why I had to post another link to that one above. But I am sorry to have offended you.

But as to the McClellan article, I don't think you read it very carefully. If I'm ever in need of exoneration, I sure hope it doesn't look like what Noonan wrote to "exonerate" McClellan in your mind. With defenders like that, who needs critics?

OK. Actually, Peggy did recently have a column comparing Hillary unfavorably with genuine woman leaders, Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir (I'm not sure about Mrs. Gandhi.) It was a very good one. It's also a fair point to say that the column on McClellan doesn't really "exonerate" him. Peggy does blame him to an extent, and clearly doesn't respect him. But he isn't the point of her column. The "book" is. The average reader's (and my) "take-away" is that supposed conservative and Republican Peggy Noonan is saying it's a good thing McClellan's book was written. And she did indeed say this. I strongly disagree with her.

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